Versa-Lift Forklift Rental

  • A1 Hevi-Lift Versa-Lift Forklifts

Welcome to A1 Hevi-Lift Rentals! We are the Southeast’s exclusive rental and sales distributor of Versa-Lift Forklifts.

A Versa-Lift is a unique heavy duty forklift. Unlike conventional forklifts, the frame of the Versa-Lift extends, allowing it to achieve greater lift capacity. In addition, the Vesa-Lift Forklift is equipped with a removable hydraulic boom, giving it crane capability. No other forklift can provide this level of flexibility.

48 State Delivery!

Versa-Lift Forklift Capacity (depending on model):

  • Weight Capacity: 25,000 – 140,000 lbs
  • Boom Reach: 22 – 30.5 ft

Versa-Lift Forklift Rentals:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and long term rentals available.
  • Rent with or without operators.
  • As a licensed motor carrier, we can transport your Versa Lift rental directly to your job site.