Adjustable Hydraulic Forks

Adjustable Hydraulic Forks

Adjustable Hydraulic Forks allow the operator to adjust each Versa-Lift fork independently with the push of a button. This eliminates the need to manually move the forks and can be operated from the Wireless Remote Control or the operator’s seat.

Additional Fork Options

In order to best serve the needs of professional riggers and machinery movers, A1 Hevi-Lift Rentals can now offer a variety of fork lengths for all Versa-Lift models. Fork length can be special ordered with any rental to best suit the customer’s need.

Versa-Lift Model Available Fork Lengths
Versa-Lift 25/35 72″, 96″
Versa-Lift 40/60 72″, 96″, 120″
Versa-Lift 60/80 96″, 120″
 Versa-Lift 100/140 120″





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