A1 Hevi-Lift Now Offers Used Versa-Lifts for Sale

Chattanooga, TN – February 2017 – A1 Hevi-Lift Rentals is proud to now make available a selection of our used Versa-Lifts.  These units will be listed in the new “Versa-Lifts for Sale” page.  Unlike most fleets, these Versa-Lifts are sold in “As-New” mechanical condition.  For current A1 Hevi-Lift customers, it is well know the standard of excellence these units are maintained to.  Our in-house technicians conduct all maintenance and repairs, beyond that of the factory recommended standards.

With less than a 1% lost-time mechanical failure rate, A1 Hevi-Lift has set the precedent in the industry for reliability and a standard of service that is unsurpassed. Couple this with Standard Options such as Wireless Remote Control, Independent Hydraulic Fork Positioners, and Digital Load Scales- any Versa-Lift from the A1 fleet is rented and sold with the guarantee of As-New, or even Better-Than-New standards.

While browsing the units available for sale, bear in mind A1 Hevi-Lift is equipped for Nation Wide Delivery of any size unit. A1 can also equip a used Versa-Lift with many factory options that may not be on a unit in question. Options include: Paint changes or refurbishment, add an Additional Lifting Ring, on-site demonstrations, and maintenance training.  Call into the info-line during business hours for any additional questions!

About A1 Hevi-Lift Rentals

Beginning in the heart of a recession in 2008, A1 Hevi-Lift Rentals has grown to be one of the largest fleets of Versa-Lift Forklifts in the world.  Standing on a reputation for unparalleled Customer Service and Equipment Excellence, A1 has set the standard for the specialized equipment rental industry throughout the Southeast and beyond.  A1 Hevi-Lift Rentals is sister to a precision machinery moving company located in scenic Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It is from this background that we can offer a unique perspective to all of our customers- we know what you need. Our customer service reps can offer decades of real-life experience moving machinery with Versa-Lifts in the most challenging situations.  Our fleet is compiled of late model Versa-Lifts from the agile 25/35, through the ranks to the rare 100/140 that can easily carry loads up to 140,000 pounds from the safety of a wireless remote control. Visit A1 Hevi-Lift Rentals at: VersaLiftForkliftRental.com