There are times in life when quantity outweighs qualityLuckily for the precision machinery moving industry, Versa-Lift Rentals are not subject to this life rule, anymore.

Jeff Dalrymple,

President, A1 Hevi-Lift Rentals

Since conception in 2008, A1 Hevi-Lift Rentals has pursued a reputation for excellence, bar-none.  This mindset has led to unexpected growth over the past six years, taking us to the national stage in specialized equipment rental.  At the end of the summer A1 was asked to deliver one dozen lifts to a jobsite in Atlanta over a single weekend in the fall.  We placed 12 of our own Versa-Lifts on the ground including two 60/80s, three 25/35s, and seven 40/60s, all without denying any other customer access to Versa-Lifts during that rental.  No matter the need, A1 Hevi-Lift Rental has the equipment to supply not only the large orders, but also the small orders- each with a dedication to unsurpassed quality and service.